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The Make It Happen Planner System - Digital PDF Planner Only
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The Make It Happen Planner System - Digital PDF Planner Only

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With this digital file you will have access to over 50 different files and printables (A5 sized)- all a part of the Make It Happen Planner System. Print it out as much as you want, print only certain inserts  to make your very own system, or print it as is. You’ll have the freedom and control to make it any way you want and put it into an arc binder or ring binder of your choice. You’ll be able to use the undated versions and inserts year after year! 

Here's what you will learn from using this system:

  • How to set big goals that will keep you motivated throughout the year
  • How to create detailed 90-day action plans that will keep you moving forward quarter after quarter
  • How to plan out your projects and create an action plan every day
  • How to keep track of everything in your personal and work life
  • How to create habits that you can stick to
  • How to create systems you can follow, to work efficiently to reduce wasted time
  • How to enjoy the process of reaching your goals each day
  • How to minimize the chance of you wasting time each day
  • How to review and reflect every week and month so you can see the progress you're making on your goals
  • How to create your own planning system that customizes and changes when you need it to

To purchase the ecourse plus digital planner for just $47 check it out here:

Make It Happen Planner System 

If you'd like to order the physical planner itself click here

What's included in this planner:

  • Version 1 - 2019 Complete Planner
      • This version of the planner has the calendar sections interspersed with quarterly planning, project planning, monthly planning, and weekly planning for each month. The weekly planning in this version is also a boxed quad view with lists. 

  • Version 2 - 2019 Complete Planner
    • In this version of the planner, you will get the separated sections of the planner.
      • Sections include:

        • Annual Planner
        • Goals Planner
        • Automated Systems
        • Quarterly
        • Monthly
        • Weekly
        • Projects
        • Lists & Notes

    • Version 2 Undated Complete Planner
      • In this version of the planner, you will get the separated sections of the planner and they all will be undated so you can use them whenever you want.

    • Version 3 Dated 2019-2020 Dated Complete Planner
      • Similar to Version 2, except these weeklies are larger which will be able to fit 1.5" stickers. The to-do list is also separated at the bottom to personal to-do, work to-do, and errands/follow-up. 
    • Daily Planner pages both dated and undated
    • Individual inserts for everything included  in the planner
      • 2019-2020 Year at a glance [true].pdf
      • Monthly Habit Trackers [spread].pdf
      • Monthly Review [spread].pdf
      • Dot Grid [spread].pdf
      • To Do List [spread].pdf
      • Brain Dump [spread].pdf
      • Quad Lists [spread].pdf
      • Large Post It Notes [spread].pdf
      • Small Post It Notes [spread].pdf
      • Quarterly Projects + Calendar [spread].pdf
      • Quarterly Weekly Roadmaps [spread].pdf
      • Monthly Brain Dump & Month At A Glance [spread].pdf
      • Quarterly Title Pages [spread] .pdf
      • Quarterly Plan and Calendar [spread] .pdf
      • 2019 Monthly Planner - Sunday [spread].pdf
      • Project Planner [spread].pdf
      • Ideal Weekly Schedule (timeblocking sheet) [spread].pdf
      • 2019 Annual Project Calendar (list view) [spread].pdf
      • Morning and Evening Routine [spread].pdf
      • Quarterly Focus Goals [spread].pdf
      • Goal Breakdown Planner [spread].pdf
      • Project Master List [spread].pdf
      • Goals Overview [spread].pdf
      • Vertical Title Annual Trackers [spread].pdf
      • Annual Budget Tracker [spread].pdf
      • Horizontal Title Annual Trackers [spread].pdf
      • Year in Pixels [spread].pdfAutomated Systems Lists [spread].pdf
      • Weekly and Cleaning Routines [spread].pdf 
      • Master Lists [spread].pdf
      • Annual Overview [spread].pdf
      • 2019 Important Dates [spread].pdf
      • 2019-2020 Year at a glance [spread].pdf
      • Undated Daily Planner [spread].pdf
      • Annual Calendar Vertical list (NEW)
      • Systems Tracker (NEW)
    • 5 Weekly Layout Inserts
    • Large wall calendars that can be printed as blueprints at your local office store

    Printing Different Formats

    Planner comes in A5 Size - 

    8.27" h x 5.83" w

    210mm h x 148 mm w

    Compatible with:

    • Filofax A5 planner
    • Louis Vuitton Large Ring GM agenda
    • Kikki K Large planner
    • Color Crush by Websters Pages A5 organizer
    • Carpe Diem A5
    • Day Designer Luxe Collection
    • Recollections A5 Binder by Michael's
    • Dokibook Large
    • Van Der Spek Manager A5
    • Gillio A5

    I have provided 3 different formats for you to print:

    • TRUE SIZE - to be printed on pre-cut A5 sized paper.
    • SPREAD - to be printed on full A4 sized paper for true A5 size. Or to be printed on full Letter Sized Paper for Half Letter Size
    • BOOKLET SPREAD - these pages may seem to be out of order but it is to be printed and folded in half for easy paper ordering. Trim the pages being sure to keep the stacked papers in order, then flip over the left stack right on top of the right stack.

    A5 spread & booklet spread versions will only be true A5 sized if printed on A4 paper, if you try to print those on letter sized paper you'd have to scale down to 92% and it will thus become "half letter sized".

    If you want to true A5 sized pages use the A5 TRUE file and print it at 100% on your letter sized paper and then trim.

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