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How to Print

How to Print:

I try to make my inserts as easy as possible to print! You will receive printable inserts with crop marks (cut lines) to help you with trimming down inserts to your planner size.

• Use Adobe Reader to print - free download:

• Be sure to choose “Actual Size” or "Scaled to 100%" when you are printing and select "auto-portrait/landscape" orientation. 

• If you have an auto-duplex printer, choose "print on both sides or two-sided, and check to make sure it flips pages on SHORT edge".

• If you don't have an auto-duplex printer, print the ODD pages first by clicking this option under the ‘Pages to Print’ section, then re-insert pages and print the EVEN pages on the back. 

How To Cut & Punch:

Crop lines are provided so you can cut your inserts to the appropriate size

When trimming your paper I highly suggest getting a paper trimmer like this one -

This trimmer allows you to cut in between the crop lines so you won't cut off your crop lines completely (like a guillotine would). You can lift and cut just the middle in between the crop lines so you can have the crop lines for the other cuts

I suggest first cutting vertically the right side, then going to the middle and last the left

then flip the stack of paper around and cut the top and then the bottom

When all is cut flip the left stack on top of the right side (folding it over like a book) (The insides is where you will punch your holes).


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